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Published On July 28, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Comic art all over…..

We’ll start with a weird, but rather great bit of reader submission. Alex Fitch was interviewing David Shenton on his radio show and asked how Shenton’s favourite gay superhero was. This is the hilarious result. The Green Chandolier.

Shenton’s facebook page has details of the recent exhibition of his work – here, here and here.

green chanelier

Marc Hempel:


Stray Bullets Last Supper,” a commission by David Lapham. From Mark Kardwell at Robot 6:


Andrew Waugh – done as a leaving present – fab pressie!


Jose O. Ladronn (Via Spaceship Rocket)


kristafer anka:


Declan Shalvey Dredd (Via Bendis)


And from the same post…. Evan Shaner Dredd (Via Bendis)


And another from Bendis… X-Men #51, December 1968 by Jim Steranko and Arnold Drake


Robbi Rodriguez Constantine:


Melinda Gebbie for Wired.. a Lost Girls piece:


Dirty Plotte by Julie Douchet…


Uncolored cover art by Brian Bolland from The Invisibles vol. 3 #14, published by DC Comics Vertigo, April 1998. DC toned down the image in the final version. (Via The Bristol Board)


Rufus Dayglo: Here’s a commission done for David White, who got my design of a Pirate Tank Girl tattooed on himself earlier this year! His wife commissioned me to do something special for his 30th… and seeing as he’s got my work tattooed on me… I felt it’d better be something a little special. Sticking with the Pirate theme…. here’s what he got!


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